Guitar stompbox Thunder ONE Overdrive provides powerful distortion effect ready to cover various music genres.

Thunder ONE has two types of distortion modes: DRIVE and CRUNCH switchable by the footswitch. Both modes share sound controls named TONE, BODY and VOLUME.

Mode CRUNCH is a good choice for "kicking off" the valve amplifiers with low distortion, or is suitable for low distortion genres like a blues/jazz. Mode DRIVE has a plenty of distortion, so its absolutely great choice to use it with amps with clean channel only. As a matter of course, Thunder ONE can be easily left out from the sound path just with one push of a True Bypass footswitch. The output of Thunder ONE is powerful enough even to excite the final amplifier.

Thunder ONE can be powered by a standard 9V battery, or 9V adapter. The device has a very low power consumption, so the battery lasts long before the replacement. Turning on is done by plugging the guitar signal cable to the IN connector.

Brief Specification
- Channels: 2, joint EQ
- Type of distortion: Overdrive
- True bypass: Yes
- Power supply: 9V to 12V
- Weight: 560g
- Construction: Aluminium box
- Max. dimensions: 120x80x30 (mm)


Sound samples were recorded with Thunder ONE Overdrive and if its not mentioned otherwise, it is guaranteed that the samples were not edited/effected in any kind of way.

Sound path used while recording was:

Effect: Thunder ONE Overdrive
Amp: FADED 50
Box: Garage Instruments CAB 212
Mic: SM57

Samples (click on SoundCloud)

About how it sounds
Clean reacts proportionally to the player’s dynamics and smoothly adds a soft distortion when hitting the strings harder. Max setting of GAIN could be used by blues or hard-rock players.

Distorted sound covers all of the "hard" generes without any doubts. GAIN was set to max. during the sample recording.