With the FADED-50 valve amplifier you have two fully separated channels with two gains, corrections (EQ) and volumes available.

Distorted channel (DRIVE CHANNEL) has two modes - NORMAL and ULTRA. The ULTRA mode has a maximum distortion and mid-bands are slightly suppressed. It can easily cope with hard music genres, where this distortion is required. The NORMAL mode is medium to large distortion and midrange is not suppressed, so the sound of this channel is firm and lush.

You can set the sound of the CLEAN CHANNEL from clean to CRUNCH. CLEAN CHANNEL has specially designed corrections for fast and effective sound adjusting. The volume of these channels is balanced when both of volume potentiometers have the same rotation.

There is a parallel loop that sets the level of the output signal to FX effect and also sets dry/wet ratio of a signal. The FX loop can be controlled directly on the panel or by a FOOTSWITCH pedal. The MUTE button decreases the volume immediately, which is a big advantage mainly during live shows, when the distorted channel noise is adverse during quiet parts. The speaker's impedance is 4, 8, 16Ohm. The FADED-50 contains a GROUND LIFT switch to avoid the ground loop. Please, read user manual for more information.

Brief technical data
- Vacuum tubes: 2x 6L6GC, 4x ECC83S
- RMS power: 50W
- No. of channels: 2(3), EQ is separated
- FX loop: Parallel
- Impedance: 4, 8, 16 Ohm
- Mains: 120/230VAC @ 50Hz
- Weight: 13.2kg
- Dimensions: 602x250x250 (mm)



The samples was recorded on FADED-50 and they was not be edited or effected (if it is not mentioned in the text below).

The sound chain used while recording was:

Guitar: Suhr Classic PRO
Amp: FADED 50
Box: Orange PPC412
Mics: Sennheiser e906, SM57
Effects: Compressor Okko

Guitar: PRS Custom 22
Amp: FADED-50
Box: Orange PPC412
Mics: Sennheiser e906, SM57

Sound samples (.wav or SoundCloud)

About sound
The sound of the amplifier FADED-50 cannot be defined like "british" or "american". Because of this the amplifier is very universal for the most musical genres, but the character of the sound is still recognizable!

Clean channel reacts with player dynamically and gently slides to low distortion level when strings are hit hard. But if it is important it could be set without any distortion either with a strong slam to strings.

Drive chanell is suitable for all "heavy" genres like rock, punk, metal etc. without any problem. The setting of the amplifier during recording is DRIVE channel (ULTRA mode is not applied) and gain level is about 5/11.