The COMMANDER is used to switch up to 4 channels of the instrument amplifier via 1/4" TRS jack connection, simultaneously with sending a MIDI command to change a preset of the effect processor.

The COMMANDER has 4x 127 presets available, where the user can set a given combination of four relays, set the MIDI channel + a program change and map one of those four relays to a "Function" button. The relay assigned to this button will be directly controlled by the button. For example, if we map the relay controlling MUTE function of the amplifier, the amplifier will alternately play / not play - independently of the preset setting. This can be very useful for a live shows where it is inappropriate to interfere with the guitar buzzing sound.

The reason why the COMMANDER has 4x 127 presets is because the player may have 4 different playlists with 127 presets stored inside a memory.
If you save your presets in the order of playlist to the COMMANDER, you will only move with UP switch during live show! If the "Function" button is pressed for a longer time, the current preset will "rewind" to the beginning – to preset one.

Presets can be edited, deleted, copied, and pasted easily with a rotate encoder. For each preset, you can set a name and a subtitle.

The zero preset of each bank is reserved for an external control. The COMMANDER has 4x TRS jack inputs that can be used for an original footswitch of the amplifier. In this preset the amplifier will be controlled by the original footswitch – the COMMANDER is in a BYPASS mode - not even in the chain. So you do not need to rewire anything. This is useful if we want to experiment / control amplifier without creating a new preset.

If you do not need all four relays for the amplifier, you can upgrade the COMMANDER! How? You can plug one stereo TRS jack to external module with fx-loop. With this feature you will get 2x relays for the amplifier, 2x fully separate effect loops and MIDI! This feature is on demand.

The power supply is 9V to 18V. Mechanical design is very robust.
Brief specification
- Total Presets: 4x 127
- Number of relays: 4
- Relay Output: 2x 1/4" TRS Stereo Jacks
- MIDI Program Change Range: From 1 to 128
- MIDI Channel Range: From 1 to 16
- Power Supply: 9 to 18VDC
- Dimmension: 150x80x35mm
- Weight: 600g